VIDEO: Ex-Liberal ACORN WhistleBlower Anita MonCrief Shares Her Brave Story with Colorado

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In case you missed my presentation of “Occupy Unmasked with Anita MonCrief” in Colorado Springs last week, here’s the Q&A with Anita portion of this event.  Special thanks to David Elsass for taking time to attend and video tape this discussion.

Here’s Anita MonCrief.

More about Anita.

“My transition [to conservatism] is a direct result of being a Democrat and Barack Obama himself.”  ~  Anita

Anita is a cast member of “Occupy Unmasked.”  She’s also a mom, wife, history major, blogger, and an Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and Project Vote employee-turned-whistle-blower.  Anita was a life-long Democrat, and voted for Obama in 2008.  Anita since uncovered FEC-violating connections between ACORN and Obama, and when she contacted big media to expose them, she was told that “game-changing” stories would not be published so close to an election.  Anita then became her own citizen journalist.

For telling the world about the corruption she’s unearthed, Anita has been black-listed by ACORN, intimidated by unions, and threatened to keep quiet.  Anita, however, is a woman of rare courage and won’t be silenced.  She understands “the left” (i.e., Democrats and liberals) and clearly explains their words, tactics, and motives.

Anita is a hero for freedom.


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