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   1.  UN: If the Real Victim is Israel then Silence Her, Convict Her as the Attacker, and Destroy Her
   2.  Honey Moon – Friday the 13th of June, 2014
   3.  Young Homeschool Student Wows Audience, Earns Scholarship to Hillsdale College
   4.  Illegals Bringing Contagious Diseases to a Location Near You
   5.  You Don’t Want to Miss it – Western Conservative Summit 2014
   6.  IRS ObamaCare Enforcement Forms – Coming to You for Tax Year 2014
   7.  Republic Lost – A People Redeemed
   8.  A National Security Threat: The Fundamental Transformation of the US Military‏
   9.  KS Guv Brownback Pushes Back Against Holder’s Tyranny – Well Sort of, But Not Really
   10.  AG Eric Holder To Kansas – Don’t Dare Defy My Tyranny, Or Else
   11.  Gold & Germany’s Economy Dive – Predictors of Worldwide Recession?
   12.  A Victory Already Won
   13.  FAA “Stunt” Deceives and Delays Travelers, Embellishing Obama’s “Sequester”
   14.  Today is Earth Day. Let’s celebrate free markets that keep things green and growing!
   15.  America’s Gun Owner Base Shrinks to 30% – But its Voice Gets Louder
   16.  Unions Which Advanced ObamaCare Now Calling for its Repeal – Citing “Unintended Consequences”
   17.  Kansas’ “Strongest Pro-Gun Bill in Country” Gets Hashed – Anti-Gunners Can Rejoice
   18.  The Great Deformation – Our Haphazard, Irresponsible Run with Digital Money Belies a Coming Day of Reckoning
   19.  UPDATE: Colorado State Patrol Officer Clarifies Questions About “Sovereign Citizens” & “Targeting Christians”
   20.  Exploding the Environmentalist Myths about Big Oil
   21.  Colorado Democrat Lawmakers to Sanction Voter Fraud
   22.  People Petition to Confiscate Guns from Tea Partiers & Repeal 2nd Amendment [VIDEO]
   23.  Big Media Charades the Senate Anti-Gun Bill as Pro-Gun
   24.  Colorado State Patrol Training UPDATE – Responses from Prowers County Sheriff & the CSP
   25.  The Best of the “Iron Lady”
   26.  Leftist Hate Group Convinces US Army to Add Christians to its “Extremists” List
   27.  You’ll be Paying /Hour for ObamaCare “Navigators” to Steer Your HealthCare Decisions [VIDEO]
   28.  Colorado Lawmakers – Secret Service Must Arrest Local Sheriffs for Failing to Enforce an Unenforceable Law
   29.  MSNBC Ad – Your Kids Aren’t Your Own, They Belong to Communities NOT Families [VIDEO]
   30.  Colorado State Patrol – Christians Need to be Watched, Treated with Caution
   31.  CNN Drips Obama’s Fake Budget “Leak” a Week Early, Chock-Full of Lies
   32.  Despite Crisis-Mongers’ Best Predictions, the Pesky Facts Prove Global Warming Isn’t Happening
   33.  Hallelujah! HE is risen!
   34.  Happy Easter, Amazing Grace 2013
   35.  Ask Me Why I Do What I Do, And THIS Is What It’s About
   36.  Britain’s Happy Greenies Shut Down Coal Plants – Brits Freeze & Forced To Pay More
   37.  The Left Tanks Colorado’s Freedom Score to #19 – And They’ve Only Just Begun
   38.  You Say Things Are Getting Bad But Wall Street Marches Higher – What Gives???
   39.  ACK!! I Left My Mags In The Bathroom
   40.  The Cyprus Crisis – When Extra-Legal Unelected Technocrats with Connections Run Things
   41.  Freedom’s Friend, Big Government’s Nightmare – The Remarkable Technology of 3-D Printing [VIDEO]
   42.  Of Civil Unions, Poetry and Moral Ruins – What Race are Colorado’s Same-Sex Advocates Trying to Win?
   43.  NRA Changes its Position – Wants Better Background Checks, Not Less of Them
   44.  White House Won’t Answer Easy Question: Will Obama Cut His Lavish Vacations Like the Rest of Us?
   45.  GOP Consultant Karl Rove’s Cash-Rich Election-Losing Politburo – Deems “Stupid” Candidates & Defeats Conservatives
   46.  These Gun-Clinging Pistol-Toting Rifle-Buying Liberals Want You to Give up YOUR Guns
   47.  Nervous CO Governor Hickenlooper to 9News Reporter – You’re Asking Stupid, Ridiculous Questions, No More Access for You
   48.  Colorado Democrat Hudak To GOP Hill – Hurry Up, Flip a Coin and Vote on Billion Tax Increase [VIDEO]
   49.  NY Governor Cuomo Announces Anti-Gun Snitch Hot Line and Reward for Reporting “Illegal” Guns
   50.  Did Obama Flip the Bird to “Incorrigible” Reporter in Israel? [VIDEO]
   51.  Illinois Pension Plan Fraud on a Massive Scale
   52.  Cold-Blooded Monument Murder on Eve of Hickenlooper’s Anti-Gun Fame – Could This Be A Jihadist Moment Here in Colorado?
   53.  Like a True Dictator, CO Governor Hickenlooper Signing Gun Bills Into Law Which Won’t Be Enforced
   54.  Down in Flames: French Official Enforcing Tax Evasion Laws Accused of Tax Evasion
   55.  While Nobody Is Looking, EU Swipes National Sovereignty & Personal Money Right Out of Cypriots’ Bank Accounts
   56.  Obama, Bloomberg Cite 20-Year-Old Statistics as Propaganda to Grab Your Guns
   57.  Gabby Giffords (Mrs. Mark Kelly) Expands the Definition of Hypocrisy
   58.  Another Lesson for Politicians: Raising Taxes Drives the Wealthy Away
   59.  The Anti-Fracking Fraud – Lies That Kill Jobs, Raise Energy Prices, Choke Freedom
   60.  An Injustice Against Our Citizens – by El Paso County Colorado Sheriff Terry Maketa
   61.  I’ll Be Speaking at the 2013 Conservative Call to Action Forum — 3/23/13 in Colorado Springs
   62.  Background Checks REALLY Do Work
   63.  Saudi Arabia May Stop Beheading Due to Swordsmen Shortages
   64.  Getting Inside Colorado Democrat Senator John Morse’s Head
   65.  Colorado Democrat Senator Jeanne Nicholson Yells at Constituents to “Sit Down!” [VIDEO]
   66.  Disingenuous Colorado Democrats Claim Victory in Gun Wars
   67.  Colorado Democrat Hudak Wages War on Women to Pass Anti-Gun Bill, Fudges Data Against Rape Victim Amanda Collins on Senate Floor
   68.  A Leftist Colorado Lawmaking Gun Grabber has a Criminal Record – Oh SHOCK!
   69.  A City that Requires Homeowners to Own a Firearm?
   70.  Watch Colorado Senate Democrats Criminalize You with 7 Radical Gun Bills – LIVE right HERE
   71.  The Fight is On NOW Against 7 Gun Bills That Would Criminalize the Innocent – HELP Call & Email Today
   72.  Good News from the Washington Gun Control Front
   73.  What’s Wrong with the Colorado GOP?
   74.  Hope & Change Crunch: Obamas Vacation ‘Round the World While Americans’ Incomes Shrink Worst in Recorded History
   75.  Obama Admin = Nothing but a Bunch of Bullies, Even Big Media Starting to Push Back
   76.  Will Colorado State GOP Completely Drive Off a Leftist Cliff with Ryan Call or Turn Back to the Right?
   77.  6 Radical Anti-Gun Bills to Criminalize Gun Owners Scheduled in CO Senate Monday – CALL / BE THERE
   78.  No More Sitting Ducks in Colorado Springs City Work Force – Now Employees May Carry Conceal, NOT Just Visitors
   79.  Joe Biden – I Promise You Ladies, Buy a Shotgun and Fire 2 Blasts, You Don’t Need AR-15 [VIDEO]
   80.  Colorado Democrats to Run Off at Least 3 Businesses – Eliminating Jobs & Revenue, Criminalizing Gun Owners
   81.  Law Student Lectures Police Officer on Constitution for Taking His Open Carry Gun [VIDEO]
   82.  Colorado Democrats’ Warped Ways of “Protecting Children” – Ram 4 Anti-Gun Laws, Kill Jessica’s Law, Teach Kids Comprehensive Sex
   83.  Unarmed College Woman Brutally Raped at Gunpoint in “Safe Zone” – She Had a CCW Permit, but Illegal on Campus
   84.  WARNING from Canada to America: Don’t Be Fooled, Gun Confiscation IS the Aim
   85.  Obama & Holder – Let’s Give Citizenship to Illegals But Extradite Homeschool Family
   86.  CO Democrat Salazar – I’m Sorry, I Meant What I Said about Women, and YOU Are Wrong
   87.  CO Democrat Lawmaker – Protect Yourself From a Shooter with Ballpoint Pens
   88.  CO Democrat – Paranoid College Women Might Imagine Rapists & Pop Off Guns at Anybody, Use Call Boxes Instead
   89.  Colorado’s El Paso County GOP “Leadership” – Rules for Thee, But Not for Me
   90.  “Please douse the doobies” – Pot Smoke Inside the Colorado Senate Chamber
   91.  Obama Says Police Are “Outgunned,” While LAPD To Give New Truck To Unarmed Woman They Shot Twice in the Back
   92.  Leadership Program of the Rockies 2013 Retreat at the Broadmoor Colorado Springs
   93.  Colorado Legislative Report Week of 2/3/2013 from Principles of Liberty
   94.  DHS Training: Use Scissors to Overpower Mass Shooter [VIDEO]
   95.  Colorado Legislative Report Week of 1/27/2013 from Principles of Liberty
   96.  Colorado State Senator Lambert Introduces Bill Encouraging “Gun-Free Zones” to Allow Legal Self-Defense
   97.  Washington, Madison, & Lincoln Thanksgiving Proclamations, Pilgrim Remembrance
   98.  Special Ops OPSEC VIDEO “Bump in the Road”
   99.  Election is Days Away, Turn Colorado’s State Legislature to the Right – YOU can Help
   100.  VIDEO: Ex-Liberal ACORN WhistleBlower Anita MonCrief Shares Her Brave Story with Colorado

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