Apr 18 2013

Colorado Sheriff Maketa to President Obama – “Your Puppets Will be Removed from Office”

by Michelle Morin

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa

When it comes to freedom, things are changing fast and for the worst in America, and it’s happening at accelerated speed here in Colorado.  

Not only are laws being written at mach speed to regulate, tax, and restrict individual freedom, but ideas are changing,even amongst the Colorado citizenry.  Local law enforcement, in particular, are being put at a new crossroads and are being positioned to make some tough decisions about their duties.  They will very soon be choosing between enforcing Constitutional rule of law and new laws which contradict our Constitutional principles and which make criminals out of innocents.

The good news in these changing times is that more Colorado Sheriffs are stepping up and speaking out against the left’s new tyranny, and El Paso County’s Sheriff Terry Maketa is becoming one of our most prominent.   Read on and be very encouraged.  

From El Paso County Colorado Sheriff Terry Maketa’s Facebook wall, 4/18/13:

I am truly appalled at the president’s claim that 90% of Americans support the proposed gun control laws. His speech writer should be fired. He claims these bills would have prevented another Sandy Hook or Aurora shooting, yet he has no evidence to support that claim. Factually speaking, the proposed laws in Colorado would not have prevented one incident, nor would the Federal proposed bills. Don’t forget one of the sponsors, Congresswoman DeGette, actually thought magazines were the same as bullets. That’s the kind of familiarity those who sponsor these bills have with the subject.

Mr. President, just because the polls tell you what buzz phrases to use to seek your agenda, it does not mean the American people are so naive to follow your continuous record of lies. Remember there are many of us that remember the day you promised to reduce the National deficit by 50%, and you did far more damage and tripled it with nothing to show but more people reliant on your handouts. The people are onto you and we will remember this at election time as you asked in your latest hollywood type speech. Here in Colorado, and at the federal level, your puppets will be removed from office and your legacy will be remembered in history as the ultimate failure based on lie after lie. Yes, your so-called promise of change is more lies, debt, and higher taxes on the middle class to pay for your failed promises. Please tout more successes of Chicago, such as their tax rates, the upside down pension fund, number of homicides, clearance rates or lack of clearances.

Our president even claimed Chicago as justification, for these gun control measures knowing full well that Chicago is the poster child of failure from gun control laws. Violence has increased since Chicago’s gun control measures have been in place and they are more restrictive than any other city in this country. In simple terms, it got worse and his creation of so-called “sheep” to fend off the “wolf” have failed. The American people are not the sheep he wants to create. We will be heard and we will not follow his lies that lack scientific validation and truth. My heart goes out to all victims of any violence. Statistically speaking, more people are killed by items other than guns far more often, but our president doesn’t want you to know that. Check the Bureau of Justice Statistics for yourself and do it before his administration manipulates them.

The president claims to be speaking for the victims, yet he chooses which victims, because I, as many of you, have witnessed victims from Aurora, Sandy Hook, and even Columbine plea with law makers to not pass measures that criminalize and punish the law abiding citizens for the acts of killers. They demonstrated common sense and showed true courage to stand against the lies and denounce the measures as ineffective. The promises of preventing these horrific acts in the future are misleading and even our own governor has admitted, here in Colorado, the similar guns bills would not have prevented tragedies such as Aurora and Sandy Hook. Our president is an embarrassment to our free society and so are his puppets. The next election will show just that. The president’s posturing and agenda were truly seen for what they are, more lies and false promises, most importantly an agenda based on undeliverable promises. How embarrassing he uses the greatest failure in our nations’ history for more gun control and people control- that failure being the murder capital of the United States, Chicago. Watch his statement on CNN and ask yourself how he can mention his home town as an example of justification. This is the city that arrested a 56 year old female researcher at the University of Illinois, Chicago, during the week of February 15th for bringing an unloaded weapon to work, in a secured box, to prevent it from being stolen by contractors working on her home. She was trying to prevent a crime and not be a victim. She was arrested and had to post a $25,000.00 bond to get out of jail and is now on suspension from work, pending criminal charges and awaiting trial.

This is what happens when emotionally charged laws are recklessly passed. Law abiding citizens are criminalized. Thankfully a majority of US Congress saw through these proposed lies and did what’s right. Now we, the people of Colorado, need to send a message to the governor and the Capitol that we will not be criminalized, nor will we stand by and allow our rights to be infringed and stripped based on lies and unenforceable, agenda driven bad laws. That is why I will not back off this issue and will proudly support my rights, to access to courts, with 37 other sheriffs in a legal action against these ridiculous, unconstitutional laws.

I have been asked by many, what can I do to help? I will ask that you do not lay down, do not go silent; that is what they hope for and expect. Do not let them convert you to sheep. Evil prospers when good people do nothing. Do not let evil prosper. I will not quit and please don’t you give up and quit.

Bravo and thank you, Sheriff Maketa!

Now, can we hear this same fighting words from every Sheriff in these United States???


Michelle Morin a conservative blogger and speaker for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for updates here.

Mar 12 2013

I’ll Be Speaking at the 2013 Conservative Call to Action Forum — 3/23/13 in Colorado Springs

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Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D’Souza

Dinesh D’Souza - Author of New York Times Bestseller “2016: Obama’s America.”  Dinesh will be speaking about the role of Christianity in America.

Wild Bill for America

Wild Bill for America

Wild Bill for America - YouTube sensation. If you haven’t met him yet, you’ll want to.  Bill will be addressing freedom issues and the Second Amendment.

Melissa Ohden

Melissa Ohden

Melissa Ohden - Saline abortion survivor.  Melissa will be speaking about pro-life issues.

Seth Riggio

Seth Riggio

Seth Riggio - Blogger and formerly of Conservative Party USA.  Seth will be speaking about the conservative youth outreach.


Dr. Terry Jones

Dr. Terry Jones - Staunch defender of religious freedom and First Amendment rights, and will be addressing those issues.

Michelle Morin

Michelle Morin

Yours Truly, Michelle Morin – Blogger, speaker, activist for America’s founding principles.  I’ll be talking about the fight for the soul of the Republican party.  You don’t want to miss this one, I’ve missed the microphone and I’ve got a lot to tell you!  ;-)


Event Details

Saturday 3/23/13

Noon – 5:00pm

The Crowne Plaza Hotel

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Colorado Springs, CO  80906



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Michelle Morin is a conservative blogger and speaker for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for updates here.