Jul 14 2013

Republic Lost – A People Redeemed

Image: WikiMedia Commons

Image: WikiMedia Commons

by Don Rodgers

Ben Franklin, in answering the question posed by a woman who asked what they had given the People, a Monarchy or a Republic, also issued a challenge to all future generations of Americans by replying, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” For generations Americans meet that challenge, until ours.

Our Founders willed to us a Constitutional Republic; a state where the officials are elected as representatives of the people, and must govern according to existing constitutional law. What evidence exists we still live in that state? Today, unfettered Executive Orders and unaccountable bureaucrats from hundreds of governmental agencies make regulation at a staggering pace backed by the force of law. Members of Congress, being bypassed by these agencies and directives, are all but irrelevant as it as a body which lacks the political will to stop them, and in many ways surrenders its true Constitutional powers to secure their own personal positions as the ruling elite. Our elected officials are to serve us, but in reality many have abandoned us in their charge in securing for the citizenry that which is rightfully theirs; a government for and by the People.

There are still those who truly serve, but too few on the national level to matter as both parties expand government beyond any sustainable level and with that expansion brings the decline of individual freedoms and the loss of personal liberty. How did it happen? You can say we became too absorbed in our daily lives and put too much trust in flawed and misguided men and women or we were indoctrinated by an educational system designed to remove the very ideals of our Founding and the moral building blocks of society. That might be the “how“, but the why is because we turned our collective backs on, “One Nation under God.”

I firmly believe America’s creation is divinely inspired, and those extraordinary men and women were put in one place at that time for the birth of America, and with her founding a shining city on a hill was given to the world by Divine Providence. In so much that God created America, He has plans for her, but while God may not yet be done with this nation He might well be done with this version of her.

What have we become since, “We the People of the United States in order to form a more perfect Union?” The abuses of government are exposed on a daily basis from Fast and Furious to IRS and DOJ overt attacks on citizens, religious organizations, the very rule of law and the list of grievances continues to mount. We pray that every plan of the enemy be exposed, but to what end if we are too far separated from our foundations as a nation to have ears to hear?

Our President has proclaimed our Constitution as fundamentally flawed, and just before his first inauguration boldly announced to the cheering throngs to be three days away from fundamentally transforming America. To fundamentally transform something you must destroy what’s in place, yet the same is true if you are to restore something so corrupt from its original purpose that it can not be repaired. You can not simply just patch it together; it must be torn down to its original foundation and rebuilt to its original intent.

No single American deserves what our government has become, but as a nation we must endure the fruits of what we have allowed it to be. Romans 13:1 says “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.” This does not mean God approves of corrupt and ungodly rulers, but He does use the governments they create as punishment to a people who turn their backs on His word. Is God allowing tyranny to punish us for turning away and for the abominations committed by a collective nation? How many now justify the wicked and condemn the just? How many are too proud to acknowledge their failings or to accept any personal responsibility? How often do we accept a lying tongue of a politician if it suits our means? How often do we tolerate leaders who “sow discord among the brethren” through the false claims of diversity or social justice? How many millions of times have we turned away as the blood of the most innocent among us is shed? We have so lost our way that even the butcher of babes, a true face of evil in Kermit Gosnell is punished not for murder, but for the crime of bad timing of when he killed and hardly a voice is raised.

Americas founding is based upon Gods word, but as we now demand His word be removed from every public square we pay the price for it as our Republic slips away. It is also true our nation will be restored by the very same words we no longer allow, but before restoration comes we as a people must face many trials. In the end, the light will grow lighter and dark will grow darker, but what does that mean? Perhaps it will be to give those with ears to hear the courage to speak the Truth and strength to carry ideals of America for those who follow no matter the sacrifice required. The victory of the restoration of America is Gods, but may not be ours beyond the knowledge that we did our part in the final redemption to come.

The Republic has slipped away on our watch. We are guilty as a people for being blind to the danger and once revealed unwilling to make the sacrifices to prevent it. We can not allow future generations of Americans to look back at ours and say it was us who forever squandered their birth right as Americans. We must be those with the courage to speak and to carry the truth of America no matter the hardship. If you are a church member, talk to your Pastor. America desperately needs them to take a leading role in society. The Church can no longer remain on the political side lines shying away from the real issues that threaten to silence it. Politically, take an honest look at those you support, if they do not share your true core values, remove that support. Put your Faith in the God of our Founders and in doing so, we save for those to follow what we have been willed, a Constitutional Republic, and so we will be redeemed.


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May 10 2013

A National Security Threat: The Fundamental Transformation of the US Military‏


by Don Rodgers

First, let me say this is difficult to write. I am a veteran and the most patriotic and courageous people I have ever known come from that connection, but as we see events unfold little is the same in America today as we want to remember her to be. A “National Security Threat” is a phrase with grave meaning, but like many words the meaning is being manipulated to fit an agenda.

This headline from “Liberty News”, “Pentagon Religious Advisor Calls Evangelical Christian Troops Traitors” & “Spiritual Rapists” seems impossible to believe. Many will look at this headline and read the article then shrug their shoulders and say it’s just a story as nothing like that can really happen in America. Some might see it as just the logical progression of what has been happening over the last few years and think there is nothing to be done. Both responses are missing the point.

“This (teaching the word of God) is a national security threat. What is happening…is spiritual rape and what the Pentagon needs to understand is that it is sedition and treason. It should be punished”, Weinstein, Pentagon Advisor, said.

This is dangerous, even if the public exposure of it forces the Pentagon to fire Weinstein. This comes just after a military briefing placed Christians on the list of hate groups; a list where Al Qaida is listed below Christians in order of threats to national security. The seeds are planted and this is another, although one of the most in your face, move to destroy the moral compass of America in trying to intimidate and force Christians and People of Faith to cower in fear.

The Military is the last institution associated with government people still respect, but by indoctrinating those who enter it into the radical leftist mentality and a Godless group think the moral compass of the founding principles of America and our civil society will be weeded out. It leaves our military an armed force with only the current political policies of the day, no matter what they look like, as its guide. It is how you get to, “I was just following orders.”

Remember, those joining our military today are all going to the same radical anti-Capitalist leaning schools the majority of the population attends. What they are taught to think does not change at a core level with an oath of enlistment. The men and women who choose to put on the uniform are good and decent people, but they are victims of that radicalized educational system that no longer respects the greatness of America; a system that demonizes our history and poisons the minds of children against their birthright of God given rights afforded to every American. If the meaning of the Constitution is not taught in schools, then what meaning can the oath to uphold it have to the person speaking the words? As more and more of our current military leaders retire, the more distant the force becomes from the morality and connection to the Constitution many of us associate with the military. This radical policy of making the expression of Faith a crime, if ever enforced, will drive out of our Armed Forces those men and women who still see America as it truly is, “One Nation Under God” and all that comes with it.

Frankly, I hope they try and make what I believe a crime. It is time Christians, our Church leaders, and all People of Faith to be willing to stand against this mind set that is infiltrating all of society, to include now our military. This is not an attack on just our military personnel or religion in America; it is an attack on all of us. Even non-believers should be looking at this in horror as the implications for a government policy to make the expression of ones belief in God a crime is in fact
enforcing thought crime and can be expanded to any expression of ideas a government disagrees with.

This is happening in America and there is much we can do about it; we just have to have the courage and conviction in what we believe and to take a stand. We must fight to change our culture to one that once again respects the values that are truly American, fight to return our educational system to one that honors the greatness of the America of our founding and a system that teaches our children to prepare for real life based on our moral and traditional values and not the fantasy of a false utopia dream. We must fight for the men in women in our military to remove the sickness spewed upon our society by those who wish to destroy their characters and their profession by those like Weinstein and those who have the evil intent of placing him in the position to do so. The “fundamental transformation of America” and of our Armed Forces are true national security threats.


Don Rodgers