Jun 5 2011

Health Care Exchanges – PART 18 >>> SB200 is Law & ObamaCare has its Hands in Colorado

This is Part 18 in my series about ObamaCare health care exchanges. For the facts on exchanges, be sure to read the entire series here.

Health care exchanges are simply this: State-level bureaucracies that ObamaCare must coerce into existence. Without exchanges, there is no ObamaCare implementation. With exchanges, the federal government has the hands it needs to meddle into and control the health care of every American citizen. 

The Federal Government Now has Those Unconstitutional Hands in Colorado

Thanks to 13 “Republicans” in the Colorado legislature, the federal government was officially given those unconstitutional hands.  On June 1, 2011, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper(D) signed into law the Colorado Health Care Exchange Bill, SB11-200.

Recap and Remember

Remember that SB 11-200 is the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange bill that was co-sponsored by Colorado State House Representative Majority Leader Amy Stephens(R) and Colorado State Senator Betty Boyd(D).  The purpose of the bill was “creating a process for the implementation of a health benefit exchange in Colorado.”

Remember that not a single Republican State Senator voted for this bill, and only 13 out of 33 Republicans voted against the Constitution and forObamaCare in Colorado.

Remember that ObamaCare is the surest, quickest way to choke individual freedom in the USA.  Mark Steyn details this very clearly here.

Remember that the vast majority of Americans are opposed to ObamaCare.

Remember thatObamaCare has been declared unconstitutional, in whole, by Senior US District Justice Roger Vinson… and we wait for its final ruling in the Supreme Court.

Remember that Judge Vinson also said that the Executive branch is using delay tactics to allow more provisions to be implemented by States.

Remember that the lone voice publicly supporting the bill, that of its Republican co-sponsor House Majority Leader Amy Stephens, repeatedly stated this is a “free-market” bill.  And remember that when supposed “free” markets are managed by government at any level, consumers pay more and choice is choked.  Every time.

Remember that we have Congressional Republicans fighting the good fight against ObamaCare at every level on Capitol Hill.  Congresswoman Bachmann and Congressman Ryan both have spoken out against state level health care exchanges.

Remember that multiple free-market health care policy analysts have explained in great detail why health care exchanges must be resisted.  Listen to CATO’s Michael Cannon here and here.  Read Pacific Research Institute’s John Graham here and here.  These are top experts in the field.

And remember that SB11-200 was a Democrat bill which creates a board to implement ObamaCare.

And did I mention that 13 Republicans voted YES for this ObamaCare bill?

And They Still Say it’s all About Helping Business

From the Denver Business Journal article “Hickenlooper signs health exchange bill,”written by Ed Sealover:

“ ‘We are going to do this in such a way … that it helps the business community control costs and, at the same time, expand access,’ Hickenlooper said.”

“SB 200 was hammered out as a compromise between health-care advocates and business groups. Business interests wanted to ensure that insurers and brokers would be able to play a role in setting up a system in a way that would not disenfranchise the industry.”

The “business interests” benefiting from SB200 will, in the short term, be limited to some health-care related businesses.  And in time, even those will realize losses as SB200′s true direction is attained.

Read the links I’ve provided within this post, or read my entire series.  Unless ObamaCare is fully repealed, time will reveal that SB11-200 had nothing to do with “free markets” and “helping small business” and it had everything to do with implementing ObamaCare.

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Feb 6 2011

The White House Responds to Justice Vinson’s Ruling on ObamaCare

Ever need an ongoing, steady supply of Marxist-type material, delivered fresh from the Capital of the freest nation on earth?  Then check out the White House blog, it supplies frequent posts written by a variety of White House staff types, and it’s chock full of freedom-choking twaddle that would make Karl Marx proud.

I just finished reading the White House blog post titled “Judicial Activism and the Affordable Care Act,” written by Stephanie Cutter. It’s written in response to Senior United States District Judge Roger Vinson’s January 31 ruling that ObamaCare is unconstutitional in its entirety, which I blogged about here

In the wake of the ruling, the White House is playing a shifty round of defense in preparation both for the upcoming Supreme Court battle, and for the battle in the continuing court of public opinion.  

Let’s Change the Words

Instead of using the term individual “mandate,” the White House blogger is deceptively softening it up, and instead repeatedly replacing it with individual “responsibility.”  By the way, I did a quick search through the actual court ruling for the word “responsibility,” and it’s not there even once.  The White House author replaces it over and over, here’s just one excerpt:

“And the judge declared that the entire law is null and void even though the only provision he found unconstitutional was the ‘individual responsibility’ provision.”

Let’s Sound Constitutional

In a move to veneer the White House as a Constitutional-embracing kind of gang, the author’s weak premise is built around Justice Vinson’s alleged “judicial activism,” which is historically the left’s favorite technique of confiscating Congressional lawmaking authority. 

” Today’s ruling – issued by Judge Vinson in the Northern District of Florida – is a plain case of judicial overreaching.”

“We don’t believe this kind of judicial activism will be upheld…”

Give me a break, Americans are not the brainless citizens the White House want us to be.  Since when does President Obama or anyone else on his side of the ideological aisle give an ounce of respect to either the Constitution, and when have they ever denounced judicial activism? 

Let’s “let” You People Take Responsibility

The bulk of the White House post concludes with a tear-jerking, it’s-gotta-be-fair-for-all Marxist justification for ObamaCare.  Here’s a tell-tale excerpt that should send chills down the spine of anyone who believes government answers to the people, not the other way around:

“We don’t let people wait until after they’ve been in a car accident to apply for auto insurance and get reimbursed, and we don’t want to do that with healthcare.  If we’re going to outlaw discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, the only way to keep people from gaming the system and raising costs on everyone else is to ensure that everyone takes responsibility for their own health insurance” 

Did you catch that?  The White House truly believes it’s in the business of and has the authority to “let” us or not “let” us “take responsibility” for ourselves and our own health care decisions.  They’ve entered the business of citizen control. 

There’s more freedom-choking justification in the White House post, read it all if you can stomach the nonsense.  If not, now you have just a taste of the ObamaCare facade rolling off the White House blog.